DirMitter - Directory Submitter

Save your time and money by using DirMitter. It will give you same results as manual submission.
Why would you buy submission services which cost insane money just for one website, while you can use DirMitter and submit unlimited websites to 787 Regular / Adult directories all of them are Free no paid directories and more with every update.

DirMitter - main window
DirMitter - create new account
DirMitter - submit window
DirMitter - history window


What is requirements for my pc to use DirMitter?
Screen resolution at least 1280x650. Everything else should be fine.

How much DirMitter Cost is there any other fees?
Price is 34.99$. No other fees. You will get free lifetime updates, support and all web directories.

How to use DirMitter?

    Add new Account/Manage Button
  • First of all You will need to create new project (Select number "2", or press number "1" to manage all acounts.)
    New account window

    Fill all required information (same fields as You submitting by hand.), the more information You provide (more Titles, Descriptions, Keywords) more natural Your backlinks will look.
    (You can check to submit random Titles/Descriptions/Keywords or all of them at the same time. Or check to use "Synchronize random Title/Description/Keywords", which for example will (pretend You have 3 titles/2 descriptions/3 keywords, program will randomly select for example title at position 2 which will lead to auto selecting description at position 2 and keywords at position 2. If for example program selects title at position 3 but you have only 2 descriptions, it will pick the last one.)).
    Also choose category from a list or enter as much as You think of, so program will automaticlly select web directory category for You.

  • Captcha option
    Captcha options window
  • (Optional) If You would like to use auto captcha service for fully automatic submission, please go to auto captcha settings and fill required information. And then check "Use Auto-Captcha"
  • Type selection
  • Choose which submission type you prefer (Free or Reciprocal).
  • Proxy option
    Proxy options window
  • (Optional) If You would like to use proxy (free or paid), please go to proxy settings and provide required information. And check "Use Proxy"
  • Visual options
  • Choose all or select specific(by hand or use filter commands) web directories from main window.
  • Submit button
  • Press the "Submit" button.
  • Now wait till program fetch captchas if there any.
  • Submit window
  • Enter captchas (if using manual mode) and press submit.
  • Wait till program response and check the statuses, if any error acquired you can see that error message at "Status" column. If needed select failed submissions and resend them in one click.
  • History window
  • (Optional) You also can see all the history of Your submissions at History table by pressing History tab on the right of submission window or pressing Preview button from main window.
  • If needed from time to time (i'll do it for You with every update) You can use IGrabber, which grabs all categories and pagerank of those sites You select. You can find it at Edit > IGrabber.

How long does it take to get approved by web directories?
It varies from directory to directory, but for free submission it could take from few days to half a year. (You will not get any quicker submitting by hand or using other software.)

Can You add my directories to a DirMitter?
Yes, please email me with list of directories which you would like to see on DirMitter, i'll do my best to add them. Currently, You can't add them to Dirmitter by yourself.

Which web directories are in DirMitter?
You will find web directories from PR0 to PR7 but most of them are PR3-PR4 and most of them are free and don't require reciprocal link. In DirMitter you will find Adult directories (Free and Reciprocal) too. No Paid directories included.

What is PageRank?
PageRank determine the importance of a web page. It varies from PR0 to PR10.

What is reciprocal link?
This is a link that provides web directories to You to add them to Your webpage, most of the time to your main page / index page.